Tuesday, 14 October 2014


The images featured below display a variety of photographs that capture the essence and charm of indoor plants. 

The various images display some of the different ways that photographs of indoor plants can be taken and the varying effects these create. Each method has its own benefits and so these will need to be analysed so the correct method can be defined for when photographs are taken for the project. 

When arranging the shoot with the photographer a set of images illustrating the chosen method will be used to help communicate the type of photograph I want taking. 

Below is a basic summary of the different methods I found;  

In context shots show the plants and cacti in a setting similar to where they would be found if purchased by the audience. As the plants are specifically designed for indoor use these shots typically portray rooms you would find within a house or apartment. 

Studio shots show the plants and cacti in an environment created by the photographer. Typically, these shots consist simply of the plant and a background unless a prop is specifically added. 

Macro shots capture the plants fine details and are almost always shot close up to the plant. Capturing the image in this way creates a depth of field which blurs either the foreground or background, depending on where the focal point of the image is. Due to the way macro images are captured they could be taken in either a studio or home setting as only the detail of the plant will be definable. 


Below are a set of 'in context shots' that I found inspirational and relevant to my project. As most of the photographs are shot in stylish and modern indoor settings the images have a trendy, contemporary aesthetic relevant to the defined target audience. 

The images are really effective as they not only capture the houseplant, but illustrate the type of environment that can be created with its addition. Moreover, as most of the images are taken in spacey, sleek apartments it is not only the houseplant that is advertised but the lifestyle that can be achieved by purchasing the product. 

As outlined by Edward Bernays, people are more likely to buy into a lifestyle, or something they perceive will help them attain a desired way of living than into a product. Therefore, images like this have a lot of relevance to both the specified target audience and the company distributing the product.  










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