Monday, 27 October 2014


The basic concept for the Natura brand identity project is based around engaging the young, lifestyle focused audience with simple, honest communication supported with a range of colourful engaging visuals.  

Through the initial project research, it was defined that there is currently a huge gap in the market left by the companies currently involved with the sale and distribution of house plants. At the present time, most companies are involved with selling both indoor and outdoor plants and yet do little to market either to their prospective target audiences. To exploit the lack of visual engagement inherent to Natura's competitors, the design solution will focus on showcasing the products and creating a friendly, approachable brand that focuses on simple, straight to the point communication.

As a reference to the 1970's, an era when houseplants last boomed in popularity within the UK, visual elements will be taken and adapted from secondary research reviewing the colourful interiors of the homes in which the plants were situated. To ensure the companies brand identity still appeals to the modern audeince outlined on the brief, 70's inspired aesthetic elements will be balanced alongside a refined, modern aesthetic that creates an intriguing and approachable brand.  

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