Monday, 20 October 2014


Today we completed a live brief set by Ryan and Mark from Manchester based studio Dr ME. 

At the start of the session the two members of the studio gave an inspiring introductory talk that introduced their journey, work and ethos. After the preliminary presentation we were split into partners Dr. ME style (alphabetically) and given the days brief.

My partner for the day was Danielle Harrison.


Upon receiving the brief we decided to analyse its contents to define the specifics of what was being asked of us. Moreover, as we had three individual tasks to complete throughout the course of the day we also decided to define a basic time plan for the day. We created this by working out how much time we had and then divided it accordingly to the scale of each task. 

As the vinyl cover design was the largest of the three tasks we decided to progress with this first. And so, after defining the relevant aspects of the brief we quickly progressed by creating a spider diagram exploring the different directions the outcome could be taken. 

Finally, before we started designing our responses to the first task I made a short list of the most important points from the spider diagram, this helped to inspire the direction and focus of our final responses. 


  • Duga 3 Transmitter.
  • Layers.
  • Ambient/dreamy. 
  • Repetition. 
  • Natural.
  • Calming.
  • Christ.


BRIEF 001;

My response to the first task takes inspiration from the Duga 3 transmitter and the ambient, layered nature of the music the cover represents. To create the illustration I cropped and repeatedly reflected an image of the transmitter, adding a cross in the centre of the composition and adjusting the colour scheme to finalise the design. 

BRIEF 002;

My response to the second task takes inspiration from from the contrast I perceived from the bands fairly formal appearance and the sporadic, in-your-face music they produce. 
To create the illustration I used an image of an old-school 'Favourite' typewriter, the lettering found on the original image was manipulated in Photoshop so that it appeared to display the name of the headlining band. Contrasting the conformed aesthetic of the typewriter is the psychedelic ink marbled paper that I feel visually represents the music produced by the band.

The original image the outcome was manipulated from is displayed below;

BRIEF 003;

The final task asked us to create a piece of self directed art work to exercise our creativeness, to ensure that we achieved this we were given complete creative freedom with regards to what could be produced. As the poster design took me slightly longer than expected I was only left with around five minutes before the end of the day to complete the piece. Therefore, using images from the image sourcing website 'Unsplash' I made a quick digital collage that reflected my passion for the outdoors.


After the session with Dr.ME had finished I decided to create some mock-ups to display my design outcomes in context. Furthermore, the mock-ups will also be used on design boards when the project is submitted. 

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