Thursday, 30 April 2015


Today I had a progress criticism with Simon to review how I am progressing with my projects approaching the final deadline on the 22nd of May.

Currently I am on track to finish all my projects in time for the deadline and have blogging and design boards to complete for the submission. A lot of work, but manageable. 

Notes taken during the progress tutorial can be seen below;

Friday, 24 April 2015


Earlier today I attended a criticism reviewing our current progress with the design publication brief. Something that I felt was needed as I hadn't yet talked about my concept in detail in front of people and was unsure as to whether it made coherent sense. 

In preparation for the criticism creates notes that broke down the project into subsections, subsequently helping me to explain the concept in a simple, understandable fashion. 

Notes and feedback from the criticism can be seen below;

  • The concept makes sense and answers the brief.
  • Support the book with a written document explaining the concept to the reader. 
  • I have made good progress with the brief so far and need to ensure I continue with my efforts to get the project finished in time for the submission.

Friday, 3 April 2015


After reviewing the images showcasing the outcomes at a large size I realised that a lot of the photographs did not capture the colour or individual elements in a clear, effective way. Images seem pixelated and the details that help to make the project so effective have been lost. Furthermore, if these problems can be seen on screen, they will only be accentuated once printed.

The project will form a definitive part of my overall submission due to its size and the timescale spent completing it. Therefore it is essential that I get a set of quality images, both for the end of year submission and for my personal portfolio. 

To surpass the problem there was only one viable option, reshoot the whole project using a better camera and lighting. 


As well as deciding to reshooting the project, I also decided to dedicate time planning the art direction for the shoot, a process that was not completed for the last set of images. 

When planning the art direction considerations were given to;

  • Background colour.
  • Contextual elements.
  • Shot composition. 

The final decisions for the final shoot can be seen below; 


A photography studio, consisting of a lighting kit, coloured background and Cannon 7d camera was set up in my kitchen when taking the shots, allowing me to surpass the problems encountered on the last shoot whilst simultaneously providing me with more time to compose and take the shots.

The set of final, edited images can be seen below;