Monday, 27 October 2014


A definitive part of the project will be the set of images featuring the house plant and cacti products sold by the company. 

As part of my visual research I found a set of images that featured plants that had been photographed on coloured paper backgrounds. As defined in the design decisions post, I want the chosen photographer to utilise a similar technique when shooting the product images for my project. Plants and cacti will be photographed on a range of coloured backgrounds which will be specifically selected to reflect the range of 1970's inspired colours defined for the project colour scheme. 

As the images will form one of the main visual aspects for the branding it is imperative that the images are taken in a professional manner and meet my desired restrictions. Consequently, if the images do not achieve the desired quality the success of the whole project could be affected. 

I quite a specific idea of how I would like the images to look, and so to help me communicate this to the photographer I decided to write a brief. 


After writing and reviewing the brief I sent it to the third year member of photography who previously agreed to help me photograph the plants and cacti.  

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