Tuesday, 28 October 2014


After feeling that I misunderstood the task and developed a methodology that was too vague I decided to start researching into existing methodologies published by graphic designers, studios and agencies. 

While reviewing information on the topic I was inspired to look into the varying research techniques used by creatives within the industry. As I was reviewing the different research methods I came across an article that discussed a style of collecting information called 'Gonzo Research'. 

During the Ditto session with Ben I listed Gonzo Journalism as a research method relevant to my practice and listed it on my personal spider diagram. I was inspired by Gonzo Research after reading about Hunter S Thompson, a journalist who emerged himself within the culture that he was writing about, living like they do to get the truest and most unbiased view of the subject.

Personally, I think that gonzo research is a extremely effective method of collecting information as it allows you to compile relevant research in an unconventional way that allows you to generate innovate insights and directions.

The article discussing gonzo research is featured below;


Personally, I find the idea behind gonzo research very appealing as it allows users to generate information from primary sources and simultaneously draw innovative conclusions from the generated information. The methods applied to collect information are engaging, and allow users to experience the culture first hand. As a designer, I have previously predominantly relied on secondary information when researching for projects. I plan to move away from this mundane way of researching and start using gonzo methods to collect my data. 

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