Friday, 17 October 2014


To help achieve the outlined tone of voice and aesthetic that will combine to help engage the target audience I created a spider diagram exploring some of Natura's brand characteristics. 

  • Friendly & Approachable.
    • Bright friendly colours - also relates to 70's research.
    • Sans-serif typefaces.
    • Informal tone of voice.
  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Simplicity.
    • Not selling lifestyle, selling product.
    • No tricks, no dressing up the product. 
  • Health and well being.
    • Colour green - visual representation. 
    • Reference health benefits of plants.
  • Modern & Sophisticated.
    • Refined aesthetics.
    • Grid layouts.
    • Consistency across visuals.

Through the short exercise I was able to define a set of brand characteristics that help to form the base of an identity that will create the desired effect and subsequently engage the outlined audeince. When defining the individual elements of the identity, such as typefaces and colour schemes, the information derived from this exercise will be reviewed and used to inform the decisions made. 

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