Wednesday, 22 October 2014


The Maranta Prayer plant that I purchased from Brian's Florist on Kirkgate Market came with a small tag listing the plant species and its characteristics, included in these is information relevant to the up keep of the plant such as the levels of light and water it needs. The information is relevant and useful to the audience as it helps them with the upkeep of their plant. 

The information relevant to the upkeep of the plant is useful, will benefit the audience and help them to take care of their purchase. Therefore, due to the relevant application of the tag I will consider creating a range for the plant and cacti based products that will be distributed by the company. 


Next, I reviewed the information on the tag so that I could assess what information has been featured and why. In doing so I will be able to define the relevant information needed for the successful upkeep of the plant or cacti. 

Information displayed;
  • Leaves open in daylight.
  • 23 - 15°C.
  • No full sunlight.
  • Leaves close at night.
  • Water 2x a week.
  • Do not eat.
  • Place of discovery - South America.
  • Contribute to a healthy home environment. 

Once the full range of plants has been purchased for the project the relevant information will be collected for each one.

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