Saturday, 25 October 2014


Another research direction that was suggested in my personal  tutorial with Danny was to review Wolfgang Tillman's book cover series for 'Philosophy in Transit'. During my tutorial I described the kind of aesthetic I wanted to create for the poster series that will be produced as part of the final outcome. 

After listening to my explanation Danny suggested looking at the book cover series as they employed a similar simple aesthetic and could be used as inspiration. 


  • Typeface hierarchy helps to focus the viewers attention on the title of the publication first followed by the subsidiary information such as the author and series title. The hierarchy is established through the varying size of the typography displayed.
  • The covers use a simple composition consisting only of an image, type and the publishers logo. 
  • The composition is consistent across all of the covers - this is something I could utilise when creating my posters.  
  • The cover is simple and straight to the point, what you see is what you get, and this has been cleverly communicated through the limited use of relevant visuals - Aesthetic relevant to the type of outcome I want to achieve. 
  • The image covers the bottom two thirds of the composition and therefore forms the most attention grabbing aesthetic element, this is important as the image is also used as a visual representation for the books contents. 

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