Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Today I walked to the Leeds Kirkgate market to review the current businesses selling indoor plants in Leeds. 

After speaking to a friend I was informed that there were a number of florists residing in the market specializing in selling a broad range of indoor plants and flowers. The primary aim for the visit is to assess a range of company aspects and consequently gain valuable insights about the current businesses distributing houseplants; 

Aspects that will be analysed;
  • The range of indoor plants sold.
  • Popular house plants. 
  • Display analysis.
  • Existing branding analysis.

Moreover, a secondary aim was to purchase a range of indoor plants that will be used as part of the project for the product shots that will be featured in the look-book. As part of the project I plant to buy a range of popular indoor plants that will be photographed in studio by a member of photography. 


Upon arriving at the market this first task was to locate the florists situated within the market so that I could assess which one was most relevant to my research as some of the florists only sell flowers. walking round the market I found three florists, these were;
  • Alan Brown Flowers.
  • Brian's Florist. 
  • M&D Flowers. 


After walking round the market and visually reviewing the florists that were open I decided to focus on Brian's Florist. The other shop named Alan Brown Flowers sold flowers almost exclusively and so was not very relevant to the brief. M&D Flowers sold a mix of indoor plants and flowers however, the range was not as extensive as the one at Brian's which is why it was selected as the focus of my research. Additionally, the fact that there are a number of shops all within close proximity of each other and the fact that they sell similar products shows that there is a large existing market.


There was a range of flowers, orchids, lilies and house plants sold at the stall, some were suitable for indoor growth and others such as the flowers are not. Due to the nature of the project only the plants suitable for indoor home growth are relevant to my research. 

By reviewing the stock at the store I was able to form the list displayed below;

  • Yucca.
  • Swiss cheese plant.
  • Fatshedera plant .
  • Aloe Vera.
  • Peace Lily. 
  • Philodendron.
  • Maranta Prayer.

Some images of the house plants available at the stall can be seen below; 

  • The plants were displayed in a chaotic arrangement which made it hard to define the different plant species that were available.
  • Although a shop location is not being branded as part of the project the unorganised arrangement of plants at the stall highlighted the importance of having a balanced, refined layout within the company look book.


With regards to branding & identity Brian's Florist had little but the typographic sign above the shop, and even this was in theme with the retro signage featured on all market stalls. Signage was hand done and there was no promotional material.  


One of the aims for the day was to purchase some plants for the product photos that will be featured in the look book. I chose to buy a Yucca, Swiss cheese plant and Maranta Prayer plant as non need extensive care or access to direct sunlight. 

As low maintenance house plants they are also some of the most popular amongst consumers. Therefore, due to their characteristics the plants have relevance to my project and audience and so will be featured as products within the look book.  

Cheese Plant;

Yucca Plant;

Maranta Prayer; 

Maranta Prayer Tag;

  • Leaves open in daylight.
  • 23-15 Degrees.
  • No full sunlight.
  • Leaves closed at night.
  • Water 2 times a week.
  • Do not eat.
  • Place of discovery: South America. 
  • Contributes to a healthy home environment. 


By visiting the market, reviewing the product selection and analysing the branding I was able to gain some valuable insights that will help to inform my outcome, these are listed below; 
  • Both flowers and houseplants sold at most vendors.
  • The current popularity of indoor plants - three shops in close proximity. 
  • List of houseplants sold - common indoor plants.
  • The importance of simple product shots - refined balanced look book layout.  
  • Attributes that make a plant popular amongst consumers - Low maintenance. 
  • No existing branding.

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