Monday, 16 March 2015


I spent the majority of this weekend in London visiting some exhibitions as part of my PPP module. However, while in Shoreditch I had the opportunity to visit the MOO store located at the Boxpark. 


While I was in the shop speaking to the employees working there I was given a MOO sample pack, which includes examples of a range of MOO products for potential customers to review. Unfortunately, one of my ideas for a campaign deliverable has an identical concept to the pack and was going to feature a range of MOO products, branded with the campaign visuals, for customers to review.

Initially, I considered continuing regardless and just redesigning the pakc it to make it consistent with my campaign. However, as the pack was already in existence and designed to such a high standard I decided to drop the deliverable and create a fresh new outcome.


Feeling a bit uninspired I sat down with some members of the group to talk through my current campaign and to explain the situation. During this process, while reviewing the employee grid concept for the posters, Pri suggested that I should make a simple sticker pack that would allow audience members to decorate the cow themselves. Genius idea.

Not only would the sticker pack be a relevant addition to the campaign, it would also allow the audience to express their creativity while decorating the cow themselves. Furthermore, MOO produce stickers, so it is also an opportunity to showcase their products.  

An example of one of MOO's current  sticker books can be seen below. 


To progress with the idea I next worked through the finer details of the outcome and experimented with some layout variations. 

  • Sticker pack will have an individual page size of A5.
  • Cow will be placed in the center of the page replicating the posters composition and creating visual consistency. 
  • Slits will be cut into the back of the sticker folder to allow the sticker sheet to be held within it.
  • Information will introduce the campaign, company and direct audience members to 'express their creativity' by decorating the boring cow to help give him some more character.
  • Body copy, similar to the carton, will utilise a humorous, playful tone of voice.  


With the concept and layouts defined I could progress with the digital development of the sticker pack, starting with the interior pages. 

The process of development was relatively straight forwards and did not take too long to complete as all of the design elements had already been defined and created. Therefore, the individual elements just needed organising into layout. 

The cow was placed centrally on the page composition to replicate the poster layout. 


After finishing the interior pages I progressed with the outcomes creation by developing the cover design. 


Finally, after finishing the design for the sticker folder I finished the outcome by creating the sticker sheet which featuring some of the accessories developed for the poster set.

To ensure that the sticker sheet fit within the A5 page size of the folder, its size was slightly reduced to 140mm x 202mm allowing it to slide smoothly into the placements slits available.

Icons were taken from the poster accessories, scaled to fit the reduced size of the cow illustration and then arranged into a composition. 

While arranging the icons I had to make sure space was left between each one to account for the boarder that will be left by the edge of the sticker once they have been die cut. 

To create the sticker boarders I flattened the icons to make them a solid shape. 

Next, a slight boarder was added to the individual elements, expanded and then flattered, creating slightly larger variations of the initial flattened icons. 

The boarders where then added to the accessories to complete the sticker sheet and folder.

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