Sunday, 8 March 2015


As part of my advertising campaign for MOO I decided to develop a creative promotional piece taking the form of a medium sized juice carton. 

MOO, as a company, have created a brand identity for themselves that can be likened to Innocent Smoothies. Both companies like to be playful, humorous and create a human connection that their audiences can relate to and feel comfortable with. 

From my brief encounters with Innocent Smoothies (prior coke ownership) I was always thoroughly impressed with not only the design of their packaging, but the genius little extras each carton usually include, such as the 'Stop looking at my bottom' phrase featured on the base of the cartons. Such creative aspects are then further supported with the lighthearted, humorous tone of voice inherent to the Innocent brand. 

Due to the success of Innocents brand identity and packaging I decided to review and analyse their packaging to identify aspects of the overall design I could reinvent for my MOO campaign.


I started the process by visiting the Innocent website, on which the have a gallery of some of their favorite packaging designs released over the past few years. 

When reviewing the packaging I assessed various aspects of the overall design such as;

  • The tone of voice used.
  • Style of humor.
  • Genius extras.
  • Aesthetic.  

  • Tone of voice is informal, conversational and speaks directly to the audience member reading it. 
  • The humor used varies between silly jokes, the absurd (such as the who would win in a fight design) and complete randomness.
  • Some of the genius extras Innocent include on their packaging include their interpretation of symbols.
    • For example - Ⓡ = Rhyming. Featured on the parrot packaging design.
  • Another genius extra included on the packaging is the 'Fancy a Chat' section featured on a number of packaging designs, which invites customers to contact the company in a friendly way which builds trust.
  • Finally, the aesthetics of the cartons is very effective, often choosing to keep it fairly simple by juxtaposing bright, playful illustrations alongside the written body copy. 


As part of the research I also decided to buy some Innocent Smoothie as the images available on the company website only showed one face of the cartons design, which is very limiting. Additional faces of Innocents cartons also include a range of other interesting features that will be useful to review. 

The aesthetic created for the cartons is minimal yet retains an impact through a striking red logo icon and contrasting bold type. 

I like the ideas of one glass equallying '2 of your 5 a day', this concept could have a humorous twist put on it to form consistency with the playful tone of voice that will be applied to the rest of the carton.  

The nutrtitional infomration side is relatovely fomral and doesn't embody the humorous tone of voice found on other aspects of the packaging.  

This face of the carton is usually the one taht is devoted to something more humorous and playful, as can be seen in the secondary research show above. However, on this specific carton the designers seem to have gone with something less adventurous (maybe under the infleuce of the new owners). 

Carton width measired at 6.5cm, this measurement can be used as a guide when developing my carton.

Friendly and informal approach to an otherwise very broing aspect of the carton. 

The caption that used to be found 'Stop looking at my bottom' has unfortunatly been replaced with something much more formal!

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