Friday, 20 March 2015


Once I had completed all of the outlined project elements I progressed with creating the submission boards for the competition. 

To ensure that the boards showcased my response to a high level and evidenced the amount of thought that has gone into developing the project concept, both the visuals and written content were carefully crafted to achieve visual consistency and a thorough project description. 

The points listed below document some of the steps I followed to achieve this;
  • Typography and colours used on boards fit those defined in the MOO brand guidelines to form visual consistency
  • Brief was read with phrases picked out and used within the project descriptions. 
  • The MOO brand guidelines available as part of the project pack were re-read with words and phrases picked out to used within board type. 
  • All mock-ups were created in illustrator using the same line weight and colour to achieve visual consistency across all boards.   

The set of images below document the final design boards that were submitted to YCN;

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