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The main focuses of the campaign will be the poster set, digital advert and billboards. However, one outcome I want to put a lot of effort into producing to a high quality is the milk carton promotional piece. 

As a competition entry, it is important to stand out from the other entries by creating something creative the judges wont have seen before. I believe the carton will defiantly have this effect as well helping to form a cohesive theme for the print based campaign. 

Before progressing any further with the idea I first started to work through the specifics of the outcomes concept.

  • Three possible sizes of carton commonly available in the packaging industry.
    • Medium/small sized carton best suited for purpose.
  • Would not contain milk but 'Creative Juice'.
    • Milk has a short shelf life and so would not be a suitable liquid to distribute.
    • Cows make milk, MOO make magic - potential tagline for carton.
  • Carton will have a playful and humorous tone of voice in line with the companies brand characteristics.
  • A proposal could also be produced for the distribution method.
    • Product, range, distribution.
    • Product would be distributed in city center locations.


One company, renowned for the success of their brand identity and business growth is innocent smoothies, a company (now owned by the Coca-cola corporation)  who produce 'healthy' fruit based smoothies.

A large attribute of Innocents success is down to the genius nature of the brand, which relies, much like MOO, on a humorous and playful tone of voice the audience can really connect with. 

As both Innocent and MOO both share a similar set of brand characteristics I decided to review and assess the companies packaging. 

Research post link - LINK 


After collecting research into the varying aspects of Innocent Smoothies I was in a position to progress with the carton design. However, before doing so I first decided to define some of the content that will be featured on the outcome. In doing so, I was able to get an idea of how the design will be composed and what information/content will need to be grouped together on different faces of the carton.  

  • The two front faces of the carton will be simple and eye catching, therefore little content will be featured on them.
  • The side faces will feature the bulk of the written information. 
  • Additional faces can be used for small quirky messages such as 'Cows make milk, MOO make magic'. 
  • The bottom of the carton could also feature a humorous message similar to the ones used by Innocent.
  • Contents tone of voice, as I have already defined, will be playful and humorous to sit inline with the brand characteristics and appeal to the target audience. 

  • Product doesn't need a bar code as it will be given out as a creative promotional piece. 
  • A side face of the carton will feature an introduction to the campaign ensuring that the outcome forms synergy with the rest of the outcomes. 
  • Alike the rest of the written body copy, the ingredients list should also retain the playful approach, listing ingredients such as 'Pure squeezed creativeness' and Fine ground fun'. 


Once I had defined the content that will be featured on the carton I progressed with the design process by creating a series of rough layouts exploring how the content could be composed.  


The same layout has been used for the front facing sides of the carton to keep consistency. Although the basic layout for the faces is identical, the cow illustration will be different on each side to keep it interesting.

The layouts for the side panels is also relatively simple, both use the same placement for the MOO logo and titles, making use of a five column grid to organise content. 


Once I had a set of final layouts I could progress with the creation of the graphics for each face of the carton. To ensure that the layouts are consistent and well balanced I used Indesign to help me compose the designs. 

Before adding type to the composition, all body copy was written up in Microsoft Word to ensure no spelling or grammar mistakes were missed.
Illustrations featured on the cartons were all developed in Adobe Illustrator.


To create the next for the juice carton I found a milk carton template online and replicated it using the dimensions derived from the innocent smoothies packaging.

The finished net can be seen in the image below;


With the net and main layouts created I progressed with the project by placing the individual faces of the design onto the carton. 

As of yet, I am unsure as to whether I will physically produce the the carton and photograph it for the submission or if I will simply create a digital mock up.However, either way the next still has relevance and can be included as part of the competition submission to show the individual aspects of the packaging design. 


Initially, I was considering physically creating the carton and photographing it for the competition submission. However, after some deliberation I decided not to for two main reasons. Firstly, as the rest of the outcomes that form the campaign will be mocked up digitally on the submission boards, therefore it will look more visually consistent if the carton is also mocked up. Secondly, the deadline is fast approaching, and I would rather spend the time that would be spent printing, producing and photographing the carton on developing the campaign and submission boards to a higher standard. 

Carton mock-ups were created in Illustrator and then placed into Photoshop so that the individual faces could be added with perspective to form a realistic looking mock-up. 

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