Saturday, 14 March 2015


While I was down in London visiting exhibitions I also had the chance to travel into Shoreditch to have a look around the MOO store. 

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery before getting to the store so I could not record anything with images. However, luckily enough I was able to get a selection of MOO products, a sample pack and also had chance to talk to one of the store employees about the competition and their usual customer profile.  

The MOO store - Shoreditch.


The set of images below document the various business cards and sample pack that I was given while visiting the store.

Before visiting the MOO shop I was thinking of developing a sample pack similar to the one received from the MOO employee. However, after understanding that the company already have a well designed pack in circulation the idea lost relevance. Therefore, I decided to slightly change the direction of the project and focus on developing a different outcome as part of the campaign. 


The employee that I spoke to also gave me a discount card that I can use to get a 10% discount if I order products from the company (Don't steal code).


The pack was sealed with one of the MOO 'Yay!' stickers integral to the brand identity. 
Upon opening the pack revealed various elements. 

The pack also included a selection of stickers. 
Selection of business cards included in pack showcase the variation MOO can produce.
Informative booklet.
Informative booklet.


While in the store reviewing the MOO products I also got chatting with one of the employees responsible for running the store.  Some of the points she covered during the talk are listed below. 

  • Had not heard of the MOO brief and was interested in its specifics.
  • Talked about print infinity, one of MOO's printing techniques that allows people to print business cards with a variety of different designs on the face of each one. 
    • Technique was specific to MOO.   
  • Customers come from a range of backgrounds.
    • Recently seen an influx of younger creatives using MOO's services.
    • A lot of start-up companies are also using MOO's services to produce business stationary and promotional material.
    • It is mostly individuals and small companies that visit the small MOO store in Shoreditch.
  • The Shoreditch MOO shop has had the lease agreement extended due to its success.


I found the visit to the MOO store really useful for a number of reasons, all of which have been listed below;
  • Allowed me to review products physically which helped me get an idea of the quality of product.
  • Receiving the sample pack helped to change the direction of the project as initially I had a similar ideas listed as one of my deliverables.  
  • Reading through the information in the foldout booklet that was included in the sample pack allowed me to further assess the tone of voice MOO like to use as part of their identity.
  • Speaking to the employee allowed me get a better understanding of the typical profile of a MOO customer. 
  • Allowed me to assess the MOO environmental graphics featured in-store - which unfortunately could not be recorded. 

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