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The process of analysis was very useful as it allowed me to assess each idea in detail but at the same time enabled me to identify the different ways in which the campaign could be developed. 

As a consequence of the process I was able to select the concept that will be developed as my response to the brief, a decision which was made on the simplicity of the idea and the message that it communicates.


The concept that was chosen was idea number 4, which aims to promotes the effectiveness of design by illustrating its ability to make something stand out from the crowd. To communicate this message, a simple form of visual representation will be used in which a repetitive succession of identical objects will be juxtaposed with an item completely different, this illustrating how creative thinking and good design can help lift a business head and shoulders above its competition.

Although the the is simple, the representation used to communicate the message could be confusing and seen as slightly abstract. Therefore, an additional supporting tagline will be created to be used alongside MOO's 'Design Works Wonders' to dispel any confusion and help to communicate the message clearly. 

After selecting the concept, I started exploring the different icons that could be juxtaposed on the posters and the potential applications the campaign could stretch to.

The image displayed below is a latter, more focused diagram exploring the possible focuses for the campaign. 


While I was generating ideas for the different items that could be juxtaposed to illustrate standing out from the ordinary a variation of the concept slapped me in the face like a large heavy fish. 

Playing on the same basic idea that design has the ability to make a business stand out form its competitors and get noticed, the new concept relies on a different way of communicating the message, which I believed to be more engaging and inline with MOO's brand characteristics.

Instead of juxtaposing a series of repeated icons with something different that stands out, the new idea instead chooses to 'put a twist on the familiar' a phrase that is featured in the companies brand guidelines as something that makes an idea a MOO idea. 

Before progressing with further development of the concept I first analysed it using the assessment criteria.


  • Simple, straight forward idea.
  • Promotes designs ability to make something stand out - works wonders in business.
    • A range of different icons could be created and used to create design variations illustrating the scope of originality that can be achieved through design.  
  • Design once digitally developed would look striking and could span across multiple outcomes such as billboards.
  • The idea builds intrigue, and would engage and excite the audience. 
    • Subsequently, an on-going narrative would be formed with the audience as they start to see the different variations of the concept.
  • Idea would encourage people to visit MOO.
  • Concept is playful, humorous and exciting and falls inline with MOO brand characteristics.
    • Directly relates to 'putting a twist on the familiar' an attribute that makes it a MOO idea. 
  • Idea could easily transfer to digital media, and could be built up in different ways through digital advertisements.


Initially, I thought about creating two variations of the poster, one with a cat and one with a dog, both animals which almost everybody can relate to, essentially engaging all variations of the target audience. However, I realised after speaking with my fellow classmates that using the animals as a representation for the campaign comes fairly close to replicating aspects of O2's 'be more dog' advertising campaign currently used by the company. 


To avoid any association with the O2 campaign I decided to change the animal representation to a cow, a decision that was made despite the fact that MOO as a company name has no association with cows. 

I chose to use a cow as the focus of my campaign for a number of reasons. Firstly, a cow is a herd animal, and so it fits well with the basic message about standing out from a crowd, or herd if your a cow. Secondly, Britain and america, the places the campaign would predominantly be focused, both have a large dairy industries. Therefore, a cow is an animal a the majority of the target audience will be able to relate too. Finally, despite the name MOO not having an immediate association with cows, using a visual representation that also forms a direct link with the original definition of the company name helps to strengthen the overall campaign and message.


Overall, I am happy with how the idea has developed and believe that the concept not only answers the brief but does so in a creative and humorous way that fits perfectly with the brand characteristics of MOO. The basic idea has scope for development and could potentially be applied in a range of different ways. 

Now I have selected the concept I will develop in response to the brief I will progress with the project by defining the different outcomes that will be produced to form a cohesive campaign.  

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