Wednesday, 4 March 2015


After creating the cow illustration and accompanying accessories I progressed with the project by creating the series of posters that will form one of the main aspect of the advertising campaign. 

As the varying elements of the poster have all already been created or defined the process of designing the posters was a relatively simple one, relying solely on the development of a layout and creation of poster variations using the accessories.


Before progressing with the design of the posters I spent time refining the concept and content that will be featured on the posters. Completing this process first was useful as I could then identify how much content I need to place on the posters base composition when developing my initial layout variations.  

  • Key words and phrases were taken from MOO's brand guidelines and competition brief to help me formulate a relevant supporting tagline for the posters.
  • Then using these I started to develop a range of potential taglines for the campaign. 
  • It is important to not that the tagline is not a replacement for MOO's 'Design Works Wonders' but acts instead as a supporting statement to help communicate the message the campaign makes. 

  • The campaign statement was develoed and slowly became more and more simple.
  • Finally, I arrived at 'Don't blend in...Stand out!' which I believe is a straight to the point statement that accurately supports and helps to communicate the campaign message. 


Below is the list of content that will be featured on the posters;
  • MOO logo with 'Design Works Wonders' tagline.
  • Campaign tagline 'Don't Blend in...Stand out!'.
  • Link to website using phrase 'Create a lasting impression at'.  


After defining the content that will befeatured on the posters I progressed with the development of a range of initial layouts exploring potential poster compositions. 


From the variations created I chose to go with one of the simpler layouts with a centrally placed cow illustration and tagline, which was chosen to leave space for the accessories that will be added to the base illustration. 

The logo and 'Design Works Wonders' tagline will be placed in the top left hand corner of the posters composition ensuring that they have a prime placement and will be seen by members of the audience that come into contact with the advertisement. 


After choosing a final poster composition I progressed with the project by creating the base composition consisting of the MOO logo, the illustration and campaign tagline and reference to the website. 

After reviewing the basic composition I decided that something extra needed adding to help make the base of the poster a bit more exciting. Therefore I create a small speech bubble by combining a square and circle in illustrator and added it to the design.


Once I had created the posters base composition I could progress with developing the employee layout gird discussed in the previous post.

To create the grid was fairly simple as I chose to make the icons a consistent size and shape at the begging of the project. Therefore, when creating the grid I simply chose the accessories that reached highest and lowest points once placed on the cow. Then, the grid was made to fit these point acting as a reference to where they should be placed.

The same process was completed for accessories with varying attributes such as the rounded glasses, which were slightly smaller that the square glasses, the rounded hats, which needed a lower baseline to sit correctly and the nose ring, which required placing at a specific level to sit correctly. 

Once the grid had been completed I tested the various accessories to ensure that the grid work and placed them all correctly onto the cow.

The completed grid can be seen in the image below.


After I had created the grid I had the extra fun job of creating the poster variations using the various accessories, a process which has been my favorite part of the project so far.

Eight variations were created in total, all of which will be submitted as part of my campaign proposal.  


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