Monday, 2 March 2015


After refining my concept and defining the campaign outcomes I progressed with the project by developing the cow illustration that will form the main focus of the project.

Before starting any work, I went back over the MOO brand guidelines to remind myself of the limitations surrounding illustration styling to ensure my response fits with the MOO brand identity. 


The illustration process was started by first finding a cow reference image to work from.

The face was created one half at a time allowing me to copy and reflect it to achieve complete symmetry. 

Once I had the basic illustration I started creating variations exploring alternate detailing. 

Colours were taken from the brand guidelines when experimenting with the different colour combinations that could be applied to the illustration. 

The final design.  


After creating the base cow face illustration I progressed with creating the accessories that will be combined and added to the base in different ways. 

I wanted the cow to retain some human qualities to help the audience further connect with the campaign. Therefore a range of human accessories such as hats, glasses and earrings were produced. 

To ensure that the illustration didn't just appeal to one gender, both what are perceived to be female and male accessories were created. 

The accessories can be divided into three main categories;
  • Glasses.
  • Hats.
  • Jewelry. 

After experimenting with a number of thinner lines to fill the glasses I decided simplicity works more cohesively with the rest of the aesthetic and so reduced the number and made the lines much thicker. 

An important aspect of the illustration was making sure all of the accessories are exactly the same size and sit on the same place on the cows face. Therefore, when creating the accessories I duplicated parts where I could and regularly checked the sizing of all elements. 

After creating a range of glasses and eye-patches I progressed with creating a range of hats for the cow.

Finally, after creating the range of hats I developed the series of jewelry style accessories which included a comical arrow that can be placed over the hats.   


The two images featured below show the different ways in which the accessories can be 
combined and added to the base cow illustration. 


While experimenting with the different combinations that can be created with the icons I reaslised that some really didn't work when combined with the other accessories. The two larger rounded hats, bending both up and down, especially looked out of place when arranged onto the cow with other icons. 

To solve the problem, I decided to refine the selection of accessories to formulate a selection of icons that can be taken from a gridded arrangement and placed onto the cow. 


While playing with the illustration and adding the different accessories to the cow face I realised that I could create a custom grid the icons could be placed onto, allowing the employees at MOO to have fun create variations themselves.

The MOO employee posters are useful as they allow the members of the company to express their creativity creating wacky and humorous poster variations. Furthermore, the posters could have the team members name added to the bottom to form a direct human connection with the audience. 

When I start to develop the posters I will create the grid and use it to compose the poster variations and submit the proposal as part of my competition entry. 

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