Tuesday, 18 November 2014


After finalising the design for the look book and and other print based brand elements I progressed with creating designs for the company website. 

Before progressing with the websites design and creating a site map and page layouts I decided to collect a body of visual research. The research will review and analyse the layout of existing e-commerce sites that sell products online, using the most effective layouts to inspire the basic frame of the site. 


Three column website for food blog 'The French Cuisse'.  

  • Simple design puts viewer focus on the imagery - utilising a similar layout when designing my website will help to focus the audiences attention on the range of product photography.
  • Options allowing users to refine their search is available at the bottom of the site, the feature is useful but could be placed in a better position. 


Three column website for a consultancy company named Acapo.

  • Continuous scrolling website allows users to browse through the sites content with ease - feature not overly relevant for a product based site. 
  • The large image slideshow placed under the navigation bar helps to grab the audience attention and communicates aspects of the company - The feature could be useful for displaying the range of products available. 


Three column website for a glasses company 'Mykita'.

  •  Again, a three column grid has been used to create the layout for this website. 
  • Simple, modern design is similar to the aesthetic I want to create when designing the natura website. 
  • Continuous scrolling website allows users to browse through the sites content with ease - feature not overly relevant for a product based site.


Three column website for adobe photo presents business 'Litely'. 

  • The use of a large header image works well at grabbing the audiences attention by providing and engaging visual and immediately communicates what services are available from the website. 
  • Again, this website utilises a continuous scrolling feature, something that seems to be popular with a lot of modern websites.
  • The use of a subtle background colour gives the page an inviting, friendly feel that is not as clinical as websites that utilise a pure white background - The technique could be used when creating my website to help it create the desired inviting aesthetic. 


Six column website for strategy firm 'KAE'. 

  • The design for this website utilises a six column layout compared to the others that all seem to utilise a three column grid - Effective layout for a page with plenty of content.
  • An effective use of colour has been used to help create a visual contrast between the individual boxes on the page - This technique could be used when creating the natura website to help users differentiate between content. 


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