Wednesday, 5 November 2014


To help me keep on top of the work load and to help ensure that I stay organised throughout the term I have been creating small 'to do' lists that catalogue the various tasks that need completing. Usually, the tasks and blog posts listed are completed within a day or two of the lists creation allowing me to progress through the module. 

When creating the list I review my blog and estudio to help me outline what blog posts and tasks need to be completed, this also helps me avoid forgetting tasks that may otherwise be overlooked.


Additionally, the to do lists created throughout the term are useful as they allow me to organise work and complete the most important tasks first. However, using to do lists alone is not always effective because, as I have found out in previous projects, they do not account for timescale of the project. Therefore, as a result of my previous shortfalls I have also started using a diary in which I set dates to have certain tasks completed by. 



Thus far, using the current combinatory system of 'to do lists' and the 'diary' I have encountered no major problems and have managed to keep relatively on top of my workload. However, as the year progresses and more things start to build up I feel there may be problems due to lack of interim deadlines. Therefore, to further improve my time management system I plant to set myself interim deadlines to have amounts of work completed by, then if i miss the deadline I will know that I am falling behind. 

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