Sunday, 23 November 2014


At the start of this week I found a flyer in the third year studio advertising a competition brief for an American wallpaper company called 'Feathr'. The brief tasks entrants with creating innovative wallpaper designs that break the current boundaries of design within the wallpaper industry. 

The brief is appealing as it is open with what it asks for from a submission giving artistic freedom to participants responding to the competition. At this current point in the academic year I have yet to complete an illustration focused brief, and so the competition presents me with the perfect chance to engage with work that will engage the illustrative aspect of my practice while allowing me to retain artistic freedom. 

The brief downloaded from the Feathr website is displayed below; 

  • Make wallpaper into art.
  • Feathr want to see our take on art focused wallpaper.
  • Customer profile - Stylish young home owners who want something unique on their walls that they can talk about.
  • Designs are submitted to Feathr.
  • Submitted designs will be published on the Feathr website and the feather community and team will vote on designs with the best going on sale. 
  • There are  no limitations to colour or ideas.
  • Feathr pay 5% royalties, based on net revenue, on every design sold.
  • One winner will win a lump sum of $5000.
  •  All artwork will remain our original work and not infringe copyrights.

  • Create artwork as a replicating design for a 53cm x 10m wallpaper roll. 
  • The roll length is 10m, so the vertical artwork repeat has no limitations. 
  • Repeats can be straight matches, offset matches (half drop) or mirrors (half drop) or mirrors.
  • Only one tile of the repeat is needed for the initial artwork submission. 
  • width 1560px.
  • Length - one vertical repeat of the design.
  • If the design wins you will need one print ready tile.
  • Width - 53cm plus a 2mm bleed either edge.
  • Length - on vertical tile of design.
  • Format - TIFF.
  • Colour - CMYK.
  • Initial submissions close 31.12.2014.
  • Submit on the feather website - 

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