Monday, 24 November 2014


Although I have defined a focus for the project I have yet to outline any of the design decisions such as the colour scheme or what technique will be used to create the mushroom illustrations.  Therefore, after defining the theme I collected a body of visual research reviewing wallpaper type patterns and illustrations to help inform the project design decisions. 


  • Pattern is rather sporadic and does't have much order - relevant to the untamed nature of plant and tree growth.

Alice in Wonderland pattern ++ Trustworth Studios

  • Layers of leaves, branches and flowers help to create a busy, layered aesthetic that helps to draw the viewer in and capture interest.
  • Additionally, the colour scheme used on this design is really effective, all of the colours seem to be muted which ensures the outcome is not too imposing.

Seaweed design for silk material by William Kilburn

Floral pattern Romantic and floral bed. More on my blog:

  • This pattern has more order to it than ones previously reviewed and yet creates a sporadic appearance through the placement of small details such as the flowers and leaves. 
  • It looks like water colour paints have been used to create the pattern due to the inconsistencies of the solid colours.
  • Using watercolour paints to create my response is a relevant method of producing my illustrations due to the natural feel it gives to outcomes. 

Watercolor Painting Floral Pattern Colorful Gouache Archival Print 11x14

Noveau Neon print & pattern surface pattern design Wallpaper and fabric by Hackney & Co

  • The pastel colour scheme used on the above outcome ensures that the outcome is not too garish and distracting. 

red mushrooms by aprintaday, via Flickr

  • Mushroom pattern shows how my final outcome could be composed.
  • The illustrations of the mushrooms are really affective and strike a visual balance due to their red caps and pale stems. 

bnreimels: limilee: balsiek: 45881 Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ by horticultural art on Flickr.

  • Pattern created with objects found in nature, in this case, leaves. 
  • A similar technique could be used to create my outcome. However, finding and documenting the desired mushrooms would almost impossible due to their geographical location and legal status. 

Bunny Rabbit Background | Easter Seamless Pattern | Seamless Background.

Flamingos | Abby Galloway

  • Hand rendered watercolour pattern - identified by the inconsistency of solid colour. 
  • Although  the pattern is appealing due to the consistent colour scheme and interesting visual nature of the flamingos I think the piece would benefit form a background colour other than white. 

Winter Woodland - Sophie Brabbins

  • This pattern is interesting due to the varying perspectives the artist has given the pinecones.

  • Pastel/Muted colour scheme.
  • Watercolour illustrations.
  • Play with perspective & positioning when creating pattern.

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