Monday, 17 November 2014


Before I had finished digitally creating the various outcomes I booked a print slot for friday the 14th of November at 2 o'clock. By booking the slot I gave myself a deadline to work towards which ultimately pushed me to finish the physical elements of the project.


Shots taken during the printing process. 


Once I had printed the various aspects of the project I was able to start the physical production, such as the triplexing of the business cards and binding of the book. 


The front of the business card was used as a template for measuring the coloured middle piece to ensure that all three of the pieces were the same size. 

Acrylic paint was mixed until it matched the coloured background featured on the front of the business card. Then, using a sponge the colour was applied to the sides of the reused board middle piece. 

After the paint was dry, spray mount was used to cover the back and front of the reused board middle piece so that the paper font and back could be attached. 




When designing the envelope I placed crop marks onto the sheet so that the envelope could be accurately cropped and folded. 

The envelope will feature a coloured inner that will form a cohesive link to the green hue selected as part of the colour scheme and the green paper stock used on aspects of the look book. The image above shows the off white sugar paper being coated with spraymount ready for the application of the green inner. 

When cropping the green paper I left a bleed of around 3mm, the decision was made to do so as when creating envelopes with spraymounted inners in previous projects problems arose when folding. Adding a small bleed helped to surpass this problem to create a well crafted outcome. 


The cover for the booklet was duplexed, combining the cartridge paper stock and off white sugar paper. 

Pages were folded using a bone folder to ensure that the folds were clean and accurate.

The order form was perforated so that customers can remove it with ease. 

Holes were pierced through each page with an etching needle to create the holes for the needle and thread. 

After binding the pages were trimmed to remove the excess formed when binding the booklet. 

After I had completed the physical production of the stationary and promotional elements I was able to progress with developing the digital aspect of the company. 

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