Thursday, 27 November 2014


As an additional part of the brief I also decided to create a physical outcome using the matchsticks burned in my hours task.

The idea to create the additional outcome came when I thinking of how I could visually illustrate my task in the two hours remaining before the final critique, moving outside of the presentation based delivery completed as part of the workshop. 

I decided to create a poster based outcome featuring nothing else other than repetitive lines of burned matches, illustrating not only the way I spent my hour, but the monotonous nature of the task itself. 


Using the matches burned within the one hour timeframe of the pointless task I created a simple arrangement on top of an A1 piece of paper. 

Each row of matches was carefully arranged as evenly as possible using a metal ruler. 


Image below document the design process undertaken to produce the poster; 

Once the matches were laid-out and photographed I went through and cleaned up the image removing any unwanted marks. 

Looking at the image, I could see that the images tones were uneven due to how the matches were photographed. Therefore, to solve the problem I decided to remove the background completely and replace it with a solid white replacement. 

When selecting the background using the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop certain parts of the matches were removed also.

To solve the problem I had to go back a few steps in the process, carefully reselecting each match individually to ensure no wanted content was lost. 

This attempt was much more successful. 

Finally, despite my best efforts when composing the posters layout some matchers were unevenly placed. Therefore, I use photoshop to make guides and reset the positioning of any matches not sitting correctly. 


Displayed below is the final composition of the matchstick poster. 

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