Saturday, 28 February 2015


With an informed understanding of the company and project specifics derived through a body of secondary research and brief analysis I felt that I was in a good position to start generating ideas for my response. 

The deadline for submission is just over two weeks away from today, so it is essential that I generate an effective and relevant concept quickly to give me enough time to develop the project to a high standard visually. 


The process of ideas generation was started by first exploring everything that came into my mind while thinking about the brief, and specifically, how design can work wonders. Also explored are some important aspects of the brief that I highlighted, such as the brand characteristics that form the base of MOO's identity. 

By identifying the innovative ways in which design works wonders I can subsequently create a visual representation and supporting campaign that communicates the desired message while retaining relevant to the company.  

  • Jack in a box - promotional piece
    • Illustrates ability to think outside the box - Creative thinking.
    • Surprising - lasting impression.
  • Z-bound Booklet contrasting good and bad design.
    • Directly illustrates effectiveness of good design to customer.
    • Illustrates designs ability to improve something - Improvement. 
  • Boring/simple improved - Singular flower or bouquet. 
    • Illustrates designs ability to make a company more impactful.
    • Plays on the concept of improvement again. 
    • Similar concept to Z-bound booklet.
  • The world without design - Illustrated story.
    • Playful take on what the world would be like without design.
    • Book would be black & white until design is introduced.
    • Could include a pop-up aspect to bring in an element of surprise. 

From the initial ideas generated I was able to identify some common themes which I have listed below;
  • Creative thinking/the creative mind.
  • Improvements.
  • Creation process/journey.
    • Story would be used to communicate. 
  • Wonders.

Using the common themes identified from the previous diagram I progressed with developing a concept by exploring the themes in more detail. The process was useful as it allowed me to work through the specifics of some of the the ideas and identify the most successful ideas.


  • Caterpillar transformation.
    • Links to designs ability to improve/transform.
    • Visuals of transformation would be supported with type linking to deisgn.
    • Primary form would be a booklet.
    • Supporting campaign outcomes would also be produced.
  • The Creativity Machine.
    • Boring goes in, interesting comes out.
    • Plays again on the concept of improvement.
    • Machine represents creative process/mind.
    • Would transfer well to a range of campaign outcomes. 
    • Playful & humorous - links to MOO characteristics. 
  • Boring business card.
    • Another story idea this time about a business card nobody wants to shake hands with.
    • Midway through the story he would be redesigned at MOO and go back out into a world where suddenly everyone wants to shake his hand.
    • Illustrates designs ability to work wonders/improve.
    • Primary form would be a booklet.
    • Supporting campaign outcomes would also be produced.
  • Absurd wonders
    • Idea plays on absurd concepts such as pigs flying.
    • Links to designs ability to make a company stand out.
    • Transfers well to a range of campaign outcomes. 
    • Playful & humorous - links to MOO characteristics. 


    Through the initial process of ideas generation I felt I had a number of potential ideas that both answer the requirements of the brief and simultaneously will allow me to develop a range of creative outcomes as part of the campaign.

    To progress from this initial stage I started developing what I believed to be the most successful and applicable ideas, studying the concept in detail to define how it could potentially be developed.


    Despite having developed and assessed a number of initial concepts I am still uncertain as to which one to progress with and develop as my response to the brief. As the majority of today has been spent thinking of and assessing ideas I am going to focus on something else for the rest of the night and come back to the project tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes. 

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