Thursday, 12 February 2015


While I was focusing on the COP module I had little time spare to concentrate on the Ditto brief set by Ben. Therefore, once I had some free time I decided to review my current progression with the project. 

Aside from producing the research notebook I will start to use as part of my research methodology I had done little work on the structure of the methodology itself. Therefore, the first task I set myself was to review and analyse my methodology to see if it is still relevant to my practice or if it could be improved. 


The refined version of my initial research methodology can be seen below;

After reading through the refined methodology produced at the end of the second session with Ben I was able to ascertain that;
  • The methodology and sketchbook idea are still relevant to my practice. 
  • Aspects of it can be refined -
    • Get brief and internet research can be removed - Elements are a standard part of every brief so do not need to be included.
    • Anti-positivism research methods can be segmented - Focuses methods and refined process.
  • Methodology needs naming. 

After identifying the aspects of my methodology that can be improved I progressed with the brief by refining and naming the process. 

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