Friday, 13 February 2015


To progress from the initial briefing that introduced the project brief I decided to start the project by reading through and analysing both variations of the End Of Year Show brief. 

Despite being told that most of the important information featured on the initial brief sheet is also included in the refined version created by Peter and Paul, I decided that it would be beneficial to analyse both incase the slightly different wording facilitated a different train of thought and initial ideas.


Created by staff members at LCA.

  • Foundation courses also included in EOYS - branding must encapsulate both.
  • Concept should showcase and celebrate the hard work and talent at the college.
  • Design needs to represent all courses - visually represent creativity.
  • Branding must adhere to college branding - Review.
  • Project offers the chance for a good portfolio piece and industry exposure. 
  • Staggered deadlines for the mandatory pieces that will be produced as part of the brief. 
  • College brand attributes - Exciting and Lively - Branding should reflect this.
  • College values - Student centred, Focused on specialist creative communities,Critical thinking, Professional, Progressive - Integrate into campaign.


Refined brief created by Peter & Paul. 

  • Create branding and identity campaign that promotes EOYS & illustrates the quality and professionalism of graduates.
  • Campaign should promote the show can reflect the quality of work simultaneously.
  • Broad range of outcomes included as part of project - Extensive project with staggered deadlines for outcomes.
  • Outcome needs to be - beautiful, thought provoking, exiting and interesting. 
  • The campaign needs to represent a broad range of creative work - not design focused.
  • The successful outcome will - Fulfil the needs of the client (college), Engage visitors (aesthetic quality) and be something we are proud of.
  • Multiple submissions allowed per team/individual.
  • Opportunity to work with industry professionals. 


After reading through each brief I was able to outline a range of values and attributes that will need to be included or acknowledged for the campaign to successfully meet the outlined criteria. When generating concepts for the project I will refer to this list of values to ensure that my initial ideas align with the needs of the client. 

Brand Attributes - 
  • Exciting and Lively.

College Values - 
  • Student centred - potential, nurturing talent, individuality.
  • Focused on specialist creative communities - collaborative, multi-disciplinary. 
  • Critical thinking - aspirational, challenging, analytical, innovative.
  • Professional - contempoary, ambitious, international, employable, entrepreneurial. 
  • Progressive - beautiful, unconventional, experimental, radical. 

Outcome attributes -
  • Beautiful.
  • Thought provoking.
  • Exiting. 
  • Interesting. 

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