Tuesday, 17 February 2015


At the start of this week Laura approached me to remind me that the deadline for one of the briefs we decided to collaborate on; 'Water for All' was fast approaching. The decision to work together on the brief was made at the start of the year when we were defining the eight third year briefs. However, we have yet to make any sort of start on the project leaving us with just over two weeks to create our response. 

To start the project I read back over the brief to remind me of its specifics, highlighting information that I perceived to have importance to the response created;

  • Brief - Lighten the burden of water collection for women in the developing world.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa alone spends over 40 billion hours a year collecting clean drinking water - an undertaking that is mainly completed by women.
  • Water collected serves a number of purposes from cleaning laundry to personal hygiene - would be beneficial if response could measure/divide collected water for individual jobs.
  • Response could be a new brand, product, service or entirely new business model - Brief has the potential to be taken in multiple directions. 
  • Water scarcity is increasing world wide, people are not always aware of the value of water. 
  • Increases in water scarcity will amplify the value of water collected by families. 
  • It is estimated that 1.8 billion people will be living in absolute water scarcity by 2025. 
  • Idea lead brief.
  • Judging Criteria - Social & environmental benefit 20%, Research 10%, Design Thinking 10%, Commercial Awareness 25%, Execution 15%, Magic 20%. 
  • Deadline - 4th March 2015.  

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