Saturday, 7 February 2015


In the previous blog I reviewed the briefs available as part of the 2015 YCN awards and selected the 'MOO - Design Works Wonders' as the project that I will engage with.

To progress from this initial stage, I downloaded the brief back and printed off the MOO brief for in depth analysis. As part of the process of selecting the brief, I did quickly read through the content featured on the brief highlighting areas of significance. However, this process was completed quickly allowing me to select a brief relevant to my design practice. Therefore, I deemed additional brief analysis to be essential before progressing with the project. 


While reading through the printed brief I underlined areas of interest or importance subsequently annotating each point to evidence ideas or the informations relevance to the project. 

  • MOO is a print focused company.
    • Response should showcase the effectiveness of printed media.
    • Outcome should reflect the services available from the company. 
    • Moo are planning to expand into digital media soon.
  • MOO aim to bring good design to businesses. 
  • MOO's brand characteristics - Should be used to inform campaign.
    • Playful - Tell funny stories, plan cheeky surprises, make people smile.
      • Characteristics can be used to inform concepts.
    • Open - Honest, trustworthy brand. 
    • Encouraging - Encouragement is an important MOO characteristic.
      • Aimed at smaller companies & start-ups.
    • Social - Moo is a socail brand, they aim to keep customers feeling at ease and informed.
      • Moo have a focus on communication & strong client relationships.
      • Characteristic could help to inform tone of voice.
    • Helpful - Being helpful is also an important MOO characteristic.
      • Similar to encouragement point but open to all segments of the target audience.

  • Target audience is very open.
    • All sizes of business from all industries.
    • United by their appreciation for quality products and design. 
    • An appreciation for 'Good Design' varies from person to person and is subject to personal taste and trends.
  • The creative challenge.
    • MOO's new company tag line/philosophy - Design Works Wonders.
    • Use design to create a visual representation of company philosophy. 
    • Any format/media can be used in response.
    • Response needs to be visually striking, appeal to design loving customers whilst building intrigue about the company. 
  • Moo are looking for an idea that -
    • Promotes awareness of the effectiveness of design - business focused.
    • Looks visually striking - engages audience.
    • Builds intrigue. 
    • Makes people smile.
    • Encourages people to visit - Include web links.

  • Response must include -
    • MOO's logo.
    • URL to
    • Adhere to Brand guidelines - Download.
  • Winning designs have the potential to be displayed across a number of platforms to MOO fans in both Europe and the US.  
    • Opportunity for industry exposure.


While reading through and analysing the brief I was flooded possible ideas that could be developed as a response to the brief. However, before I start generating my initial concepts it is important to collect some in depth research to ensure my response is informed. 

Using the information available on the brief and my analysis of its important aspects I created a set of progression points to help me advance through the initial stages of the project;
  • Create research plan from points listed below. 
  • Research into what, if any, finishing methods MOO offer to customers.
  • Download and review MOO's brand guidelines. 
  • Refine target audience if applicable - Segment!
  • Good design/trends research. 
  • Use characteristics when generating initial ideas.

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