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Leading up to the COP3 hand in on Thursday I was working at a high level of productivity to ensure my work was completed to the highest of possible standards ready for the submission. Following the hand in, I wanted to make sure that I sustained the high level of productivity and commitment to work that allowed me to successfully submit my COP module at a standard I was really happy with. Therefore, after celebrating the hand in, I decided to read through and analyse the available YCN briefs, a process which consequently allowed me to select a relevant and engaging brief I want to progress with.  


On the YCN website there was a selection of different briefs representing a range of clients available for participants engage with, some are small businesses and initiatives while others are larger and more corporate based. 

As a graphic designer a founding aspect of my design practice is my ethically focussed manifesto, something which always plays a big part when selecting live briefs to engage with. It would be hugely contradictory of me to espouse such ethical views and then undertake a brief for a large, unethical corporate client. Therefore, when reviewing the briefs available I assessed the company as well as the brief to ensure their values don't contradict mine. 

While reading through each brief I got an immediate idea of whether or not I wanted to engage with the particular project, either because of the company it was for or because of the specifics of what was being asked. Therefore, while working through the YCN website I was able to quickly outline three main briefs I wanted to engage with.

To help me make the final decision of what brief to work on I decided to analyse each brief to define the specifics of what is being asked. 

  • Band information - Moo is an online print and design company - provide businesses with business cards, promotional material etc.
  • Working towards providing both printed and digital media.
  • Brand characteristics - Playful, open, encouraging, social, helpful.
  • Target Audience - All sizes of business from all industries (needs refining).
  • Challenge -  Raise awareness of Moo's philosophy 'Design Works Wonders' and create a visual representation of the importance and effectiveness of design - No restrictions to format or media.
  • Extra Information - Responses should; promote the importance & effectiveness of design in business, look striking and visually engaging, get customers excited about the company, make people smile, get people to visit the website.
  • Relevance - Open with media used - presents me with the opportunity to be creative with my response. Creating for issue I am passionate about - the importance of design. 

  • Band information - Macmillan Children's books is a division of Pan Macmillan, one of the UK's leading publishers. 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland, on of the most important books Macmillan have ever published. 
  • Target Audience - Primary audience consists of parents of girls aged 5-9 and parents of boys 5-9. A secondary audience consists of gift givers, such as aunties and uncles. 
  • Challenge - Create a new cover and up to two interior page illustrations for the Alice in Wonderland publication. Open to all styles of illustration. Response should re-imagine Alice while retaining the aesthetic attributes that form her iconic image.  
  • Extra Information - Illustrations should capture the interest of a new generation of readers. We are free to choose the interior pages we illustrate. Cover design must include Macmillan logo. 
  • Relevance - Brief presents me with the chance to engage with the illustrative aspect of my practice. Workload not too heavy - relevant at this point in the year.   

  • Band information - Save the children has worked in the UK since the 1920's and has been involved with various campaigns that aimed to improve the wellbeing of children. Now, the charity are based in over 120 countries worldwide and is involved with various schemes aiming to help children reach their full potential. 
  • Target Audience - Dads with children under 11 from low-income families (C2DE socio groups.
  • Challenge - Create a creative resource that will inspire an motivate dads to read to their children for 10 minutes a day. The response should raise awareness of the how much difference just 10minutes a day of reading can make to a child's life and future. 
  • Response Characteristics - Fun, personable, enthusiastic and engaging. 
  • Extra Information - Response should build upon the campaigns lauch momentum. Responses should follow the 'Read On Get On' guidelines and include the save the children logo. 
  • Relevance - Responses created for an ethical cause - has relevance to my ethical philosophies. 



Of the three final briefs I outlined from the initial selection on the YCN website I decided to progress with the 'Moo - Design Works Wonders' brief. The reasons for doing so are listed below.

  • Open with media used - presents me with the opportunity to be creative with my response. 
  • Open with media used - allows me to create a response with relevance to the focuses of my design practice. 
  • I am passionate about the message that is being promoted - the importance of design.   
  • Multiple directions the brief could be taken in. 
  • Winning design has the potential to be used as an actual campaign - good industry exposure. 

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