Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Today we had our second session with Ben from Ditto Press in which we presented our progress with the brief so far. 

After starting the session it was made apparent that Ben wanted to see a physical start to the brief such as a methodology diagram illustrating the individual stages of our personal research approaches. Unfortunately, due to confusion with what was required for the session nobody had brought anything physical to talk through, and so we were given 20minutes to generate something to present.

Luckily, I had already defined the specifics of my personal methodology and so just needed to quickly illustrate my approaches and illustrate the method defined to record information. 

  • Style of research similar to Gonzo Journalism - Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Gonzo Journalism immerses journalist in culture reviewed - insiders perspective.
  • Relevant method to me - Gets me out the studio/house.
  • Relevant method to me - Creates a balance of visual and written information.
  • Methodology - No particular order, depends on subject.
  • Observations, primary images, conversations, interviews, intervirews, listening into peoples conversations, attending events, sketches, recordings, collection of printed material. 
  • Idea - Hand bound sketchbook - would be taken while researching and used to record.
  • Would be produced from recycled papers and hand bound - relevant to my design practice. 
  • Relevant as I miss using sketchbooks and the hands on approach used to record information within them. 

After each person had presented their idea Ben gave feedback to the group;
  • Good ideas, some need more development than others.
  • My method needs naming.
  • Refine and structure the methodology.
  • Put into practice.
  • Have something more physical to show for the next session.

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