Tuesday, 2 December 2014


At the end of the session with Ben he suggested that we should review our methodologies and refine them where appropriate.

Therefore, after the session with Ben I decided to review and analyse the methodology presented so that I could start to refine it, ensure that it is completely relevant to my practice and restructure the defined process to ensure it can be applied to all briefs.

Before progressing with the brief and refining my current approach to collecting research I reviewed information detailing the specifics of research methodologies. By examining this information I will develop an informed understanding of what a research methodology is and should achieve and in turn improve my own methodology. 


  • Ethnography is a design research approach which aims to understand cultural phenomenon - Very similar to my outlined approach.


After collecting the research I started the process of analysing and refining my methodology by ensuring that it is relevant to my personal interests and design practice. Therefore, on a spider diagram I listed my personal and professional influences that impact my design work.

  • Visuals - Images (primary & secondary).
  • Visuals - Primary sketches.
  • Visuals - Collected printed media.
  • Outdoors - Getting out the house/studio.
  • Nature.
  • Sustainability.
  • Travelling - New cultures encountered.
  • Travelling - Inspiring individuals met.
  • Travelling - Architecture & other definitive visuals.
  • Hands on creation.
  • Sketching/Drawing - Method of recording. 


Using the list created detailing my design influences I reviewed my current methodology to see if has relevance to my practice.

  • Gonzo style research will get me out the house/studio and involved in the culture or subject reviewed - In turn this will help me create informed insight & innovative ideas.
  • The research methods listed are all quite social and will engage me with a range of new individuals, activities and take me to a range of new places - relates to my adventurous nature.
  • The hand bound sketchbook proposed as a method of recording information while collecting research is relevant to various aspects of my design influences and passions such as; sustainability, craft and my hands on approach to working. 
  • PROBLEM - One problem that was identified during this process is the fact that the research methodology is only suitable for collecting socially relevant information, any scientific or strictly data specific research would need to use a different methodology.  


Once I had reviewed the relevance of the methodology I progressed with refining its process to ensure it is applicable to all of my future briefs. To do this, I simply defined important aspects of the process that had not been included in previous renderings of the methodology. Aspects included, reading and analysing the brief and collecting some brief internet based research to form a base knowledge of the subject. 

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