Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Today, I attended a group criticism with Tony Broomhead in which we had the chance to present and get feedback on projects of our choosing. 

I decided to present my current progress with two of the largest briefs I am currently undertaking as we approach the final hand-ins on the 22nd of May. The first project I presented was the design publication and the second, following as it has relevance to the publications concept, was the branding for photography student Abigayle Libberton.

The design publication itself acts as a research journal in which information is recorded and visually explored. As the topic of focus is brand identities, and more specifically Abigayle, the publication focuses on exploring the different facets of Abigayles identity and profession. 

Below is a video of the website I have currently created for abi which was presented alongside the design publication and various other elements of Abigayle's branding.

Notes documenting the feedback I received after presenting can be seen below. 

  • Book should move away from the hand rendered explorations and work towards the minimal outcome Abigayle's branding has taken. 
    • Add images.
    • More design.
    • Pressed flowers.
    • Ink and print found objects.
  • Present book in clean white box, represents minimal outcome of the branding and visually contrasts the book and hand rendered explorations. 
  • Go to village bookstore and research photography zines.
  • Print promotional booklet on satin paper to get best result for the printed images.

The feedback I received was really useful and will undoubtedly help me to improve both of the projects I discussed with the group. However, the idea I believe will have most impact is the packaging idea for the design publication. The concept fits well with the direction both projects have taken and will act as a relevant and visually engaging way to present the project for submission.  

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